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Welcome to our 'how to get on reality TV' information and advice pages.  We are sure you will find all the advice you need to help you on your way to TV stardom!


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1.    Whenever possible, audition in person

2.    Have a talent

3.    Stand out

4.    Bring your sob story

5.    Be a bad ass

6.    Humble yourself

7.    Do your research  



1.   Whenever possible, audition in person.


Many reality show producers will accept video taped auditions. However, if you're making a decision about who wants a position more, it's easier to make an argument for the guy who drove for days from Glasgow to London in pursuit of his dream than the guy who took the easy way out and mailed in a video tape. The drive and determination just isn't as apparent on video tape.


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2.   Have a talent


Definitely for shows like X factor, you want to be able to sing (although sometimes the most memorable contestants are those who don't know that they stink like old cheese). But even in other situations, having a talent is not a bad idea. Sometimes, talent makes a person more likely to appeal to and be remembered by audiences. Don't oversell your talent, of course. You don't want producers to think that you're just trying to get recognition for your talent unless it's a talent showcase show.


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3.   Stand out


A cactus in your hair. A tattoo on your face. Moonwalk into the room. You get the picture. Do something to set yourself apart from the thousands of contestants that producers or judges have seen before or will see after you. So when the time comes to make a decision, they have not problem putting a face to a name. Just think, if you make a lasting impression on the producers, they may be inclined to believe that you'll make a lasting impression on viewers.


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4.  Bring your sob story


And if you don't have one make one up. You wore the same clothes to school everyday because you were so poor growing up. You need an operation to fix something (that no one else can see if you're lying). Sob stories are the bread and butter of many reality shows.

In an episode of America's next top model one of the judges commented that one of the girls looked sad in her photo shoot. Tyra Banks defended her, saying that the girl lost everything last year during Hurricane Katrina. Well, not to say that the girl won't make a great model, but you could just see that Tyra wants to keep her in the competition for that reason more than any other.

Why? Because humans have a natural tendancy to want to see people with rocky starts have a happy ending in most cases. We like to see underdogs win. It gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling. Also, in situations where groups of people have to live together, it often makes for great drama.


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5.   Be a Badass


There's one on almost every reality show. The person who is just crass, rude, and mischievous. And we love to see what stunt the black sheep is going to pull next.


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6.  Humble yourself


Okay, Miss Fly Diva. I know that you think you're all that with a cherry on top, but that attitude is not going to get you on a makeover show. AYoyu've got to be prepared to not always look your best infront of people.  Many people who are dure to go on TV try to make themselves  look as wonderfull as possible for all that exposure.  But whether you like it or not you could be made to look rough on purpose!


For example, ever thougth you'd like to go on one of those make over shows, sound good? - well just be prepared for the production team to use every trick in the book to make you look worse than you could imagine for you before shot!


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7. Do your research


Breaking into the reality television sector can be difficult. That's why you have to stay up on the latest trends for a particular show, not to mention audition dates, times, and locations. Watch the show. This is where the best information comes from. You get to see the types of people producers have chosen in the past. Also, many times, upcoming auditions are announced during or after the show. Also, look for the show's website.  Shows like the X factor, Big Brother and The Biggest Loser usually post audition information online.

The bottom line is that the secret is out. Everybody knows that, if nothing else, reality shows at least guarantee people their fifteen minutes of fame. The reality tv experience could open doors that were once closed. The first step, however, is making onto the show that's right for you. The competition is fierce. But you can make the producers or judges pay attention and remember you. Be unforgettable.


Good luck!


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