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Production companies, TV shows, and casting agencies are continually searching for fresh raw talent, as well as established actors, models and performers. With the growth of reality television anyone can claim their ‘15 minutes of fame‘ and getting that first step on the ladder has never been easier.

makemefamous.tv is a highly viewed and ranked website and as such it offers serious individuals a realistic chance of having there photo and profile read by influential people within the entertainment industry. The possibilities of being noticed by casting directors, agents and producers are extremely high. Tell us about the type of work you are looking for and any relevant experience you may have. When we receive an enquiry from an interested party we will forward their details to you or your agent. And remember the more interesting the profile the better your chances are of being discovered!

The cost of appearing in our gallery is only £9.50 per annum per person. We reserve the right to reject a profile that we feel is not in keeping with the sites policy.

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